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Hi!  I’m Holli! I’m an experienced Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher/Movement instructor, and Somatic Coach.  I work with body tissues and energetics, breath, nutrition, plant medicine and science to help women find answers and heal fertility issues, period problems and other forms of stagnation within the body and spirit.  I am also passionate about teaching women and girls empowerment through their divine feminine, cyclical nature, through charting, moon cycling, and fertility awareness.  

Through my years working with the body, reading, and studying under many teachers, I have been led over and over to the understanding that the body knows exactly what it needs.  We only have to quiet the mind enough to decipher what it is telling us.  Women in particular are beautifully intuitive, though that intuition is often dampened by our need to feel logical and keep up in this busy world.  I understand the struggles because they are mine as well.  I am so excited to be one the journey of educating and changing society, one amazing woman at a time!

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Work with Me

There are multiple facets to my business.  Below are some ways in which you may choose to work with me.  Don't see something that works for you but feel this is the next step?  Reach out.  We can work together to come up with a plan or package specific to your needs.

menstrual cup

The Basics

Really learn and understand what your period is telling you through this deep dive into cycle charting.  Group classes or 1:1. 

beautiful uterus


Fertility Track

You have dis-ease, or even a diagnosed disease surrounding your cycle.  Whether you are trying to conceive or not, this is the path for you!

therapeutic massage


Looking for my older services?  This is your space.

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